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Hochreine Termitenbehandlung Bifenthrin Insektizid
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Hochreine Termitenbehandlung Bifenthrin Insektizid

    Verpakung: Fest: 25 kg faser trommel, 25 kg tasche oder auf die anforderungen der kunden. Flüssigkeit: 200 L, 20 L Fass, 1 L, 500 ml Flasche oder auf Kundenwunsch
    Marke: Awiner
    Ort Von Zukunft: Hebei, China (Festland)


Modell: Awiner-Bifenthrin 5% SC


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Product Name

Bifenthrin 5% SC


CAS  No.


Specification (COA)

 Content: ≥5%

 Solubility in water:0.1 mg/L


 5% bifenthrin SC offer termite control in timber, dam, buildings, soil, etc.


 Used for killing termites in bulidings,dams,wood and cable etc.



 1.This is called Termite repellent used by WHO recommended-bifenthrin       with dual effect of prevention and eradication for more than 10 years.


 2.Unique formula,advanced production technology,highly efficient,low            toxicity,non irritating,non burning.


 3.It can be used for soil treatment and indoor decoration to prevent        termites.



 1.Soil treatment:

 5% Bifenthrin SC dilute with 240 times water to spray as 4-5L per square  meter.

 2.Wood treatment:

 5% Bifenthrin SC dilute with 240 times water to bush or spray at the          wood.Soak for more than 30 mins for square wood.

Main customer benefits

 1.With ingredients of bifenthrin, which is the high effective termite repellent

  recommended by WHO, 5% bifenthrin SC play double effect and control

 2.The effect of the product could last for ten years.

 3.Owing to the unique formulation, it is high efficient, low toxic, no unpleasant

  smelling, nonflammable.

 4. 5% bifenthrin SC could be applied in soil treatment as well as in indoor

 decoration for prevention of termites.  

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