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Fliegenpuderschädlingsmörder mit angemessenem Preis
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Fliegenpuderschädlingsmörder mit angemessenem Preis

    Verpakung: 500g / Beutel * 200 / Karton
    Marke: Awiner
    Ort Von Zukunft: Hebei, China (Festland)


Modell: Awiner-Cyromazine 2% WDG


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Product Name

 Cyromazine 2% WDG

CAS  No.


Specification (COA)

 Content: ≥2%

 Suspensibility: ≥80%

 Wettable time (S): ≤90




 1.Water-soluble granule for fly larvae without effect on adult flies

 2.For control of fly larvae in cattle, hog and poultry operations

 3.Act as a growth regulator and effects the molting process of fly


 4.It can vary from 21 days up to several months


 1.Dry scattering: apply 450g for 200g square meters directly on the  fly breeding sites

 2.Spraying: 450g granule with 4.4L water to spray

Main customer benefits

 Longer Lasting Control

 Consistent Performance

 New Mode of Action  

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