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Fabrikverkauf Spike Anti Vogel Vogel Repellent Gel
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Fabrikverkauf Spike Anti Vogel Vogel Repellent Gel

    Verpakung: 4 kg / Trommel, 16 kg / Karton
    Marke: Awiner
    Ort Von Zukunft: Hebei, China (Festland)


Modell: Awiner-Bird Repellent


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Product Name

Bird gel repellent


Net content


Shelf life




Methyl anthranilate 35%, cinnamyl aldehyde 8%, carrier 30%, thickening agents 25%, secret ingredient 2%.


Mode of action

Slowly premanently release a smell to affect the birds' central nerve and the birds fly away after smelt.


For the sense of smell type of birds (magpies, crows, etc.) has a obvious effect and for the sense of taste type of birds (sparrow, pulsatilla) has a common effect. The sense of smell type of birds is relatively more in the currently known birds.


Can be widely applied to agriculture, electricity, airports and high-speed rail. For agriculture can be used to a variety of fruits, vegetables, as well as various types of field crops seedling stage, but has an common effect on control sparrows in maturity stage of field crops.


Non-toxic ;

Economical & effective ;

No harmful for birds ;

Easy to use ;

Lasting effects ;

Resistant to rain erosion


Painting about 5g on each site, the lasting period will more than 20 days. And the lasting period will be longer if the dosage of each site is more.


Store in a cool ventilated dry room.

Keep the product out of the reach of children.

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